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For The Community, 
By The Community. 

For the Community, By The Community. 🏳️‍🌈 Chasing: Reality is the place to be for quality reality entertainment, featuring the flagship “Chasing: Atlanta”, and sister cities “Chasing: Dallas” and “Chasing: LA”. Founded in 2016, Chasing began with its now sixth season web series, Chasing: Atlanta, which features members of the LGBTQ community striving their way through the peach state. Chasing eventually picked up a Dallas version of the franchise in 2018, and later brought on Chasing: LA in 2021. The platform also consists of featured programs, such as documentaries, competition series, talk shows like "The Group Chat" and Spin-Off’s such as “In The Mix With Twixt”, and “Just Lauryn”. This dynamic platform works off the bases of the hardworking EPs, An’Darrio Abrams, Markel Logan and Quentin T. Harris. It’s current co-founder and CEO, An’Darrio Abrams (29), edits all the content on the platform, manages the social media, produce and films Chasing: Atlanta.

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