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The Retreat takes on 6 incredible personalities (Ariel O'Hara, Ressie G, Trey Howard, Dior, Drecember and Eric James) to relax, relate, and get to know each other better in this 4 Part MIni Series.




Chasing: Dallas Presents "The Retreat" | "Carrying The Bones" (Season 1, Episode 2)

Chasing: Dallas Presents "The Retreat" | "Carrying The Bones" (Season 1, Episode 2)

Part two of Drecember and Trey Howard's Argument Continues; Ressie gets upset when the group doesn't take the Chakra activity well; Dior and the gang address the Eric James for shading his brother, Robert. Follow The Retreat Cast on Instagram: Ressie G - @ressieg Ariel O'Hara - @iamarielohara Dior (aka) KingBeautiful - @kingbeautiful Trey Howard - @stylesbyhoward Eric James - @iam_ericjames Drecember - @drecember CREW: Ressie G. - Creator, Executive Producer, Director (@ressieg) CeeJay Smith - Lead Producer, Camera Operator (@filmmaker_ceejay) Roderick Rayson - Producer, Director (@esyntric) Kamrin Elliot - Producer, Associate Producer (@_heisreal_) Curator: Travion “Resilient Titan” Young (@ResilientTitan89) An'Darrio Abrams - Editor, Distributor (@andarrio) Follow Our Social Media for More Content! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #ChasingReality | #CDRetreat For business-related inquiries or feedback on this series, please email Continue to stay subscribed for more updates about the show, cast members, and future productions with Chasing: Reality. -- Disclaimer: The views and opinions of the talent expressed in this video and on The Chasing: Reality, LLC Youtube Channel do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the company and the producers as a whole. All videos on this platform are for entertainment purposes only. Copyrighted material are used as fair use and is paid out to the appropriate owners unless used with permission. All videos on this platform is copyrighted and any infringement outside of the platform will be removed.