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Doris Butler


Doris Butler, VP of Operations and Human Resource Services.
Doris has a master’s degree in human resource management and 28 years of successful human resource experience within several companies.  With a deep-seated passion for operational excellence and a profound commitment to fostering a thriving work environment, Doris has outstanding negotiating skills and a propelling success rate with employee relations.
Throughout her career, she has honed her expertise in optimizing operational processes and cultivating a culture of engagement and productivity.  She firmly believes that the intersection of effective operations and human resource management is where organizations can achieve their greatest potential. Doris’s goal is to leverage this belief to drive sustainable growth, enhance organizational efficiency, and empower our talent.
Casting and recognizing talent holds immense potential, and having her as a part of this team has created an enthusiastic collaboration in optimizing our workflows, elevating our productions, and creating an environment where creativity and innovation flourish.
In conjunction with Chasing Reality LLC's vision, she is committed to fostering a workplace environment where every individual feels valued, supported, and inspired to excel at chasing their dreams. Together, we will navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and chart a course toward continued prosperity.

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