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An'Darrio Abrams


An'Darrio Abrams is the current CEO and Franchise Owner for Chasing: Reality, LLC. Abrams co-created Chasing: Atlanta back in 2017 which later expanded the company into multiple cities and featured shows like Chasing: Dallas and Just Lauryn.

Before Chasing: Reality, Abrams worked on edits for many well known artists and small businesses as well as personal edits for his YouTube Channel. Now, An'Darrio continues to focus on Chasing: Reality to showcase the LGBTQ+ community in the light that is not seen on major mainstream networks.

"Mainstream media does not allow LGBTQ+ people a fair chance to showcase themselves so I made it possible." With being able to tell the stories of 40+ LGBTQ+ people of color, he is blazing the way for our young people to walk in his footsteps in the future.

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