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Oliver Twixt


After quietly grinding during collegiate years in downtown Atlanta at Morehouse College as an Oprah Winfrey Scholar, Oliver TwiXt has established himself as a leading Queer Rap Personality, multi-media creative producer and entrepreneur, having appeared on major television networks, obtained a strong online following and presence as well as built a content curation agency home to some of our favorite celebrities and stars.


The digital phenomenon has accumulated millions of views through productions featuring his burgeoning empire of content. A breakout star of YouTube’s Chasing: Atlanta, TwiXt’s metaphoric stylings, in-studio hustle, and business ventures have all been consumed by the show’s 3+ million total views. (The meteoric Season 4th featured TwiXt Fix Seasoning; a Seasoning collection released in Summer 2020)


Between launching his own products, The Head Nerd in Charge’s seen headlining campaigns for premier brands, including Sephora and Lyft, while his behind-the-lens output become millions+ viewed viral sensations, time and again. Work with media juggernauts such as Bravo’s Dr. Heavenly Kimes and dancehall’s Spice fuels a wide-casting net of Celebreality fans and features, from People Magazine to RuPaul’s Drag Race and Real Housewives of Potomac. In 2021, Oliver ReTwiXtd ‘Drag Queenz’ by RHOP’s Monique Samuels while teasing potential collaboration with a ‘real Drag Queen of RPDR’.


His creative invocation found him tackling the legacy of another iconic brand during quarantine. ANTM Expo, Oliver’s interview series, recaps lived-experiences of America’s Next Top Model alum & judges as they review nostalgia with a critical lens. Collectively amassing 1 million+ views, he’s certainly made top use of Covid’s chaos.


Always positioning his talents toward a message of community uplift comes Zap, The Mixtape. Debuted to the world after 40,000+ combined digital music streams, a home for his musical outputs to-date. He proclaims, “Let my life be a testament that you can do anything in this world” as he celebrated the release of Zap, The Visual. The world will become Oliver’s stage in 2021 and all will come to learn one thing: ‘he gone’ eat’.

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