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 Lauryn England

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A 27 year-old Birmingham, Alabama Native Lauryn England has a driven desire to succeed, She has overcome many obstacles growing up in the south where she faced challenges that range from her love of entertainment, beauty and more importantly to simply being true to herself. She realized at the age of 15 that her passion would be the driving force that would propel her to the next level.
Lauryn England is a Celebrity Hair Stylist, Performing Artist, Executive Producer and Cast Member of the #1 LGBT reality show Chasing Atlanta.
Lauryn England has worked with Celebrities like: K. Michelle
Towanda Braxton Malaysia Pargo Mimi Faust Sierra Gates Bambi Benson Nene Leakes Keyshia Cole
just to name a few.

Lauryn England has also been dominating the Music Industry and has the hit Single " Funny" with a remix with Dj Chose.

Lauryn's very own reality show where she is the Executive Producer "Just Lauryn" season 1 aired October 18th 2021 where she opens up and share her personal story on her transition.  Lauryn now resides in Los Angeles where she will focus on music career, business and self love. Stay tuned to see what Lauryn has coming up next.

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