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Quentin T. Harris

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From staring in the digital hit show Chasing: Atlanta and interviewing reality TV legends, Quentin T. Harris is now the executive producer of Chasing: LA. 

Since establishing a home base in Atlanta, Georgia, Quentin has worked to horn his on-stage and on-screen skills as a reality TV personality and a scripted TV actor. His diligence has landed him the lead role in Demetrius Smith stage play No Time For Pain and a supporting role in Tyler Perry’s film Loving You Is Wrong just to name a few.

For over four years, Quentin has kept his ear to the streets and his voice on the mic as the host of “Q IN THE STREETS” - a talk radio show on Worldstar Hit Radio 107.7 WTNT.

A two-time author, Quentin uses his past experiences to encourage others to go after their dreams. In writing his first book The Dream I Chose To Chase, Quentin empowers his readers to overcome obstacles while taking a leap of faith to live their best lives. His second work Dear Dreamer is a book of affirmation written to keep reads on the journey to actualizing their wildest dreams.

Quentin is the epitome of fate defied. While the journey to success has not been easy, Harris continues to keep his dream alive by continuously striving to create and aspire. Quentin’s experience on stage, behind the mic, with the pen and in front of the camera is expected to have the world refer to him by a single letter... Q.

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